When You Need Precision Parts Production

Airam B Series PressIf you need to produce precision parts, use a wide range of progressive dies and want to reduce punch and die wear AIRAM’s B-Series four-post design gives you the performance capabilities you’ve been looking for. Here’s why:

  • Low deflection without the need
    for extra frame structure
  • Large bed and die space front
    to back and right to left
  • Four point guiding increases accuracy
    during stamping operation


The AIRAM Difference

  • Adjustable stroke and shut height
  • Full tonnage available throughout entire stroke length
  • Higher ram velocity for more speed
  • Dwell capability on the top or bottom of the stroke supports higher productivity
  • Programmable Flow Controls are available for remote Ram speed adjustment during press setup and operation.
  • Jog control allows operators to “Inch” the ram during setup
  • Low maintenance
  • Stroke cycles up to 400 SPM
  • Press configuration is unlimited because SPM can be varied with the size and stroke length of the press
  • Multiple presses can be mounted on a common bed to provide simultaneous cycling of each press ram or different cycle times programmed through a centralized Micro Processor control
  • Small footprint means the press requires 40 percent less floor space than conventional presses models

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