February | 2014 |

Counting Costs

Manufacturers are counting costs these days. In the face of a slowly stabilizing economy, fabricators are pulling production back to the U.S. because it’s more cost effective.  Many also are considering the costs of running and maintaining machines that are larger than a job requires. In a climate where pennies count, the AIRAM pneumatic press shoulders the workloads normally reserved for mechanical and hydraulic presses at half the capital equipment cost and one quarter of the maintenance cost. The press with the small footprint also is tackling less traditional jobs conventional presses can’t handle including laminations, composites, plastics, paper and a wide variety of rapid single-stroke applications.

Replace multiple machines with one
At AIRAM, we work to understand customers’ job requirements, including processes, problems and business objectives so that we can equip them with the right production solution. Recently our team worked with one of the Big Three to assist them with replacing an older press at half the cost.

Half the cost
The new air press will be designated for pre-punch work in a roll forming line.  The economical AIRAM press is a low-maintenance machine. The air press represents half the cost of a used or rebuilt hydraulic press and still provides the capability to produce precision, high quality components. In addition to extremely low maintenance, the OEM found our lead time and easy plug-and-play installation attractive as an alternate solution.