April | 2014 |

Versatility – A Key Production Tool In 2014

Reshoring efforts and rising labor costs in China mean U.S. fabricators have to be more versatile than ever. Customers looking to carve out leaner profiles are making part orders in the thousands a thing of the past. Small part runs – from one-and-done to 100 or less – produced according to unique specifications on a schedule that can change weekly basis is becoming the new normal.

Airam is helping fabricators meets these requirements by engineering its pneumatic press line with the ability to change stroke length and adjust shut height. The machines, 3 to 300 tons, can accommodate different dies as well as multiple operations ranging from stamping, punching, coining, cutting and compressing. For fabricators, this kind of flexibility means optimizing capital equipment and eliminating the need to invest in additional machines for other processes. The ability to perform a variety of applications on a single press also translates into lower overhead and inventory – a savings that can be passed on to customers.

Adjustable stroke length and speed also allows fabricators to use Airam’s presses for different operations during roll forming processes, eliminating the need for secondary work. The equipment’s small footprint means a single press can be used on multiple roll formers. Are you making a myriad of different parts in small lots? Let us customize a cost-effective, flexible solution that enhances your lean business model while helping you meet customer demand and short delivery requirements.