May | 2014 |

A Cut Above

Fabricators processing materials like paper, rubber, plastic and light steel trim need presses that deliver higher acceleration for a cleaner cut, yet are cost-effective and flexible. Airam’s pneumatic press is easy to set up, yet supports a versatile range of single stroke, hand-fed operations for processes that include forming, holding, steel rule die cutting, basic punching, press fitting and clamping.

Speed is the biggest challenge says John Bornhorst, vice-president of engineering. “We typically provide pneumatic presses in the 3 to 7 ton-range but can go higher. Our first step is to find out what a customer needs. We build our machines to specification so customers aren’t purchasing and maintaining more press than they need.” Quick die change allows the air press to accommodate different part types. Airam also provides a simple yet cost-effective anti-tie down pneumatic push button control.

With no electrical circuit, the fully pneumatic Airam press offers near-zero maintenance.  In today’s business landscape, a machine that can handle a variety of different parts and materials versus a single press dedicated to the production of a single part just makes good economic sense.