June | 2014 |

Fabricator Or Machine Shop – You Can’t Beat The Economies Of An Airam Press

Fabricators and machine shops kept a conservative outlook on capital investments last year, in the face of uncertainty over taxes and government spending. Aerospace and automotive are two market sectors that continue to generate growth along with improvements in the housing and construction industries. In order to be competitive, companies are looking for ways to boost efficiency. Demands are being placed on machines to produce parts faster and combine multiple processes with automation.

Airam presses, 3 to 300 tons, are uniquely engineered to provide both fabricators and machine shops with an economical workhorse that can accommodate multiple operations ranging from stamping, punching and coining to cutting and forming. Manufacturers don’t have to turn to costly servo presses to gain the advantage of adjustable stroke length and speed.

Our air presses also have the flexibility to be integrated into a roll forming line, used to blank material for short part runs or pre form, punch or cut before final machining.  Let us help you operate leaner and more efficiently while keeping pace with the faster speed of doing business today. We’ll customize a cost-effective, flexible solution that meets your production requirements and won’t strain your budget with high operational costs.