April | 2015 |

Changing Of The Guard

The electricity industry is looking at major changes over the next 20 years the like of which has been compared to the impact of cell phones on fixed land lines. Consumer demand for safe, reliable, affordable energy that meets tough environmental standards is also pushing the need for clean energy and renewable power sources.  Companies scrambling to enter these market segments with application specific parts are turning to cost-effective processing equipment like roll forming.

A large number of fabricators are specifying AIRAM pneumatic presses to bookend these lines. Cost efficient, flexible and eco-friendly, the low-maintenance pneumatic press can pre-punch, pre-notch or pre-form parts prior to rollforming then provide cut-off operations on the other end.

Unlike hydraulic or mechanical press options, the pneumatic press can move in and out of material three times faster without interrupting or slowing production.

AIRAM has a well-established track record in the rollforming industry, and like any true classic, the machine’s intrinsic value is illustrated by companies that are taking this sturdy workhorse and applying its technology in new ways to form high-performance, tight tolerance parts for emerging markets.