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Beyond The Sale – Are You Looking For More Than Just Garden Variety Customer Support?

We’ve all heard it – a supplier’s marketing promise of aftermarket sales support. But what are fabricators really looking for in 2015? Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, said the mark of a company that goes above and beyond is one that focuses on its customers above all else. With the need to optimize capital equipment investments and production, manufacturers want more than just aftermarket support these days. Most will say they are looking for a partner – a supplier that can act as a technical resource for quick troubleshooting, suggest ways to streamline workflow or make incremental changes to existing machines longer after the sale.

At AIRAM, partnership equates to customer intimacy. We listen to customers to gain an understanding of their values so that we can give them the tools necessary to make what they want. We’ve carefully built an infrastructure that allows our team to custom engineer new pneumatic presses to your requirements at half the cost of conventional equipment. When it’s time to deliver your machine, that’s where our partnership really begins.

We tailor a comprehensive service package to each company’s specific needs. In addition to on-site stock parts, AIRAM provides rebuild, retrofit and preventative maintenance programs designed to keep your presses running. It’s a simple rule of business. If you aren’t making parts, you aren’t making money. Our comprehensive spare parts inventory has been set up to deliver the components you need fast. We are also just a phone call or visit away if you need to trouble shoot or evaluate machine requirements for new work coming in the door.  Ready to develop new parts and need a press system with controls and tooling machined to unique profiles? We can help with that too. Let us partner with you. Call us today.

Purchasing Smarter For Faster ROI

The simplest definition for return on investment is a measure of profitability that indicates whether or not a company is using its resources in an efficient manner. When it comes to capital equipment purchases manufacturers want to know how quickly a machine will begin to pay for itself.  Increasingly shorter lead times are making that window for ROI even smaller.

For fabricators considering whether or not they should upgrade an existing press or purchase a new machine – there are a several reasons why a custom design build can be the most cost-effective choice and the quickest way to see ROI.

AIRAM can engineer and build a pneumatic press to a customer’s unique requirements with a very short lead time and more cost effectively than constructing a standard model press and modifying it post production. Since AIRAM’s pneumatic models are approximately 50 percent less than the cost of a mechanical or hydraulic press – manufacturers also enjoy a cost savings upfront.

Upgrading or refurbishing older equipment often means fabricators have to build up inventory to account for machine down time. A design/build can reduce that downtime and help manufacturers ramp up production faster. Part type and capacity dictate press selection making a custom build attractive in market where part requirements are so diverse. At AIRAM service doesn’t stop with the installation. The press builder stands behind its products and the after sales value adds the company continues to deliver make ROI a no brainer.

Does Customization Mean Costly?

Customized, made to individual specifications, tailored. Sound expensive? That’s usually the assumption when manufacturers talk to AIRAM about a standard pneumatic press and hear the words “design/build.”

Today more than ever manufacturers are looking to control costs with economical capital equipment solutions that have the versatility to boost production and tackle a variety of jobs. Most tend to equate those requirements with a bare bones press at the lower end of the performance and cost spectrum. Not so at AIRAM Press Co. Ltd. Once the company’s team evaluates a customer’s operations, a low maintenance, engineered solution is designed to their unique requirements for significantly less cost than that of comparable mechanical or hydraulic presses.

The secret? AIRAM has established a broad supplier network for custom-size plates and developed a standardized parts system that allows the press builder to deliver plug and play products – flexible enough to meet the needs of current work and handle jobs that may come through the door in the future. The reason? Customer applications are diverse and characterized by short runs and shorter deadlines. Whether a fabricator needs to support a rollforming operation, preform extrusions, process cardboard or stamp metal or plastic, AIRAM is able to build to spec for optimum return. Older AIRAM presses are also easily upgraded to the latest technology. See for yourself. Contact AIRAM Press Co. Ltd. today.

Counting Costs

Manufacturers are counting costs these days. In the face of a slowly stabilizing economy, fabricators are pulling production back to the U.S. because it’s more cost effective.  Many also are considering the costs of running and maintaining machines that are larger than a job requires. In a climate where pennies count, the AIRAM pneumatic press shoulders the workloads normally reserved for mechanical and hydraulic presses at half the capital equipment cost and one quarter of the maintenance cost. The press with the small footprint also is tackling less traditional jobs conventional presses can’t handle including laminations, composites, plastics, paper and a wide variety of rapid single-stroke applications.

Replace multiple machines with one
At AIRAM, we work to understand customers’ job requirements, including processes, problems and business objectives so that we can equip them with the right production solution. Recently our team worked with one of the Big Three to assist them with replacing an older press at half the cost.

Half the cost
The new air press will be designated for pre-punch work in a roll forming line.  The economical AIRAM press is a low-maintenance machine. The air press represents half the cost of a used or rebuilt hydraulic press and still provides the capability to produce precision, high quality components. In addition to extremely low maintenance, the OEM found our lead time and easy plug-and-play installation attractive as an alternate solution.