Frequently Asked Questions about AirAM Presses

  1.  Do your presses use hydraulic fluid?
  2. No, our presses operate on air only.  Most AIRAM customers use the shop air already installed at their location.  However we also can quote an air compressor with the press.

  3. Do you carry stock presses?
  4. We build presses to customers’ specifications. We also carry used presses. Our sales team can provide updates on used models currently available in our inventory.

  5. How do I order spare parts? 
  6. Visit the spare parts section on our website. Page content will help you find the right part number for your press model. If you don’t see the part or have questions please call AIRAM for assistance.

  7. Do you offer rebuild services? 
  8. Yes, if you have an existing press, we can rebuild the machine to its original specifications which saves time and money. Call us to find out more about our rebuild and retrofit programs.

  9. If I am not sure what I need does AIRAM offer assistance to help me determine  
  10. Yes, our staff has been in the metalforming business for more than 20 years. Our engineering knowledge and field experience allow us to ask the right questions and evaluate your needs to determine the right size press.

  11. What kind of lead times does AIRAM offer?
  12. The amount of lead time depends on the press itself. With a machine shop in-house we can source material and assemble the press in a short amount of time. If the press requires custom engineering or specialty auxiliary equipment, lead time may be longer. Please call AIRAM so our team can determine your requirements and provide an estimated timeframe.